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The team at EdTechAfterDark:

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Alex Stubenbort                   Dan Koch                       Zac Leonard

EdTechAfterDark is comprised of three passionate educators looking to change the face of education in the digital landscape. We've won awards, been recognized internationally, published books and articles, and have traveled to work with educators across the country! Here are some reasons you should consider hiring or recommending EdTechAfterDark to present a webinar, keynote, workshop or speech:

  • We are teachers first, technology integration specialists second
  • Our workshops are customizable
  • We share our stories, and offer practical technology tools (not "shiny" ones)
  • Sessions are interactive ("sit and get" PD is so 2011)
  • We give stuff away (prizes rule)
  • Up To Snuff (we are constantly re-working and tweaking our presentations so they include the latest and most useful educational technologies for your staff)
  • We're fun. With so much to do, teachers deserve a little fun. We have this in spades.

We can tailor any of the talks or consulting topics below to suit your school or district's needs. If you have a particular need not addressed, let us know and we'll be more than happy to accommodate you. We're super approachable and don't have anyone else communicate on our behalf. You're always talking to us!

  • Gamification
  • 1:1 Best Practices
  • Learning Spaces
  • "Out Of Control"
  • Transforming A Classroom Environment with Digital Tools
  • Uncharted Territory (New To Technology)
  • Going Paperless
  • Mobile learning with iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, iOS
  • Mobile learning with Chromebooks
  • Social Media
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • Screencasting
  • Movie Making
  • Online Publishing


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Or you can send us an email.