We can tailor any of the talks or consulting topics below to suit your school or district’s needs. If you have a particular need not addressed, let us know and we’ll be more than happy to accommodate you.


Learning Spaces

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In this keynote, learn how to utilize the space in your classroom to benefit your students’ needs (and make your class feel like a coffee shop)!

The "Out Of Control" Teacher

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In this discussion, we explore why it’s a GOOD thing to be “out of control” in the classroom, and how kids can benefit from self directed learning.

Uncharted Territory

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This keynote will help reluctant teachers (and even parents) understand the common misconceptions about technology use in the classroom, and model how students can harness mobile devices to their full potential.

Grassroots Student Tech Team

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In this keynote, we lay the groundwork for your school to roll out a self-regulated student technology help desk, modeled after Apple’s “Genius Bar” (even in the elementary grades)!

Social Media 4 All

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This keynote will help cure the social media woes with practical tips and online best practices when it comes to Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat for use in schools. Instead of blocking them, why not harness their potential for engagement?