#PLN Spotlight @TechTomBUSD


We are back with another #PLN Spotlight, this week we have Tom Covington @TechTomBUSD!  Tom is a Technology Integration Specialist in Cerritos, CA.  He also has a podcast called TOSAs Talking Tech search for it on iTunes! x8nMevlG


ETAD:   Tell us about yourself, Name, District/Occupation, Twitter Handle...

TC: Tom Covington Technology Integration Specialist Bassett Unified School District @TechTomBUSD

ETAD:  What originally drew you to Twitter? Has the reason changed over time?

TC: FallCUE 2015 Conference, there was a whole facet of the conference I was missing and I didn't even know about. The second time I went (March 2016) the confeerence was so much more connected and robust, I couldn't image a conference without twitter now!

ETAD:  What drew you to #EdTechAfterDark, and what keeps you coming back?

TC: I was initially looking for a tribe to grow and talk with. I have kept coming because of the great topics and conversation. The topics are spot on, and I can really get some good insight and ideas that help me grow my thinking.


ETAD: As an educator, what are you passionate about?

TC:  I am Passionate about technology, kids, learning and fusing all of those things together. I love the possibility that technology in the classroom brings.

ETAD : How has your PLN made you a better educator? (Be as specific as possible)

TC: It has made me really stretch my thinking and has offered viewpoints and insights that I would have never been exposed to otherwise. It is like opening a door a world of learning opportunities that I never knew existed. The result of bringing together all of these motivated and smart educators can only benefit our students.

ETAD: How have you made your PLN better? (celebrate how you have impacted others)

TC: I share my ideas as much as I can, and with that I am open to suggestions and improvement. My PLN is a place of growth and discovery, and I make sure that I am sharing as much as I can to keep up my half of the bargain.


ETAD: What do you look for in someone to follow? What constitutes a good tweet?

TC: Insightful answers are key, as well as divergent thinking from my own. I like it when I can say "Wow, I never thought of that." I think that it is important to follow other teachers who are of a like mind as well, to round out that viewpoint. Good tweets share info, link to resources, or provide insight.

ETAD: What's missing from your PLN? What do you need to get to the next level as an educator?

TC: I think I am still trying to find the limits of my PLN, pushing to get as much as I can out of it. I haven't found that limit yet, nor areas of need. As I push out into my PLN more, I am sure that what is missing will become more evident.

ETAD: What projects are you/students working on that you are excited about? (PLEASE BRAG!!)

TC: Podcast (TOSAsTalkingTech on itunes), 2 day PD on student presentation tools, Leading Edge Certification, CUE Rockstar Vista, Podcast/Screencast site to help our teachers in our district with tech, coding class for our k-5 students


ETAD: In your opinion what's next in education?

TC: Devices, in the class, in home and all over. Paper will be rare, and most work will be turned in digitally. After that, who knows?

Adding awesome people to your PLN is a great way to grow as an educator and a  person! Check us out each Monday as we spotlight another great member of the EdTechAfterDark Family!
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