#PLN Spotlight @TechieTcher


Chantel2 We've got another edition of PLN Spotlight brought to you by the guys of #EdTechAfterDark.  Over the past few months our #PLN has grown tremendously with leaders and learners from all over the globe.  This week we bring you Chantel Ritenour from St. Louise, Missouri.

ETAD:  Tell us about yourself, Name, District/Occupation, Twitter Handle...

CR: Chantell Mason Ritenour School District 3rd grade teacher, tech leader, STEAM/MakerSpace facilitator

ETAD: What originally drew you to Twitter? Has the reason changed over time?

CR: To find more likeminded people so I could grow as a teacher for my students.

ETAD: What drew you to #EdTechAfterDark, and what keeps you coming back?

CR: A few people I followed on Twitter were chatting and I loved the content, moderators, and overall vibe from the chat.


ETAD: As an educator, what are you passionate about?

CR: Teaching to how my students learn, whatever that may include. Technology, STEM, PBL, Culturally and Linguistic Responsive Teaching, social justice, possibly too many passions.

ETAD:  How has your PLN made you a better educator? (Be as specific as possible)

CR:  In every way. I have support I didn't have before w/trying my crazy ideas, a place to get more crazy ideas, validation in what I'm doing w/my students, and it pushes me out of my comfort zone.

ETAD:  How have you made your PLN better? (celebrate how you have impacted others)

CR:  I've gotten some reluctant friends to do some Twitter chats, started a Twitter chat for my school district, moderated a chat on genius hour, and hopefully shown people that the level a student is considered to be at does not determine what they can do when they're engaged in relevant learning.

ETAD:  What do you look for in someone to follow? What constitutes a good tweet?

CR: Research articles, pictures and ideas from their classrooms, not afraid to share the truth even if it makes some people uncomfortable, and similar ed tech goals.

ETAD:  What's missing from your PLN? What do you need to get to the next level as an educator?

CR: How to lead larger groups of people more effectively and get them thinking outside the box.


ETAD:  What projects are you/students working on that you are excited about? (PLEASE BRAG!!)

CR:  http://masonroom221.podomatic.com, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kz0nZ8ZNViw, finding a solution to the problem in St. Louis w/some racist cops (their ideas are amazing), genius hour projects about a chosen current event that are happening during the ELA block, my action research: Does Problem Based Learning and STEM support an increase in the proficiency levels of minority students?

ETAD: In your opinion what's next in education?

CR: Technology and innovation classes, classrooms with no desks, problem/project based learning taking the place on whole group instruction, Socrative Seminar for discussions

Thanks to Chantel for sharing her awesome and inspiring practices as she continues to bring quality teaching and learning to the hearts and minds of the students in St. Louis!

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