#PLN Spotlight @Menxueiro


This week's #PLN Spotlight is all about the great and talented Sandra Menxueiro!!!  Sandra has be part of the #EdTechAfterDark community for quite some time, and she has a wonderful talent when it comes to finding the perfect GIF for any tweet or question. Lle4oqFC

ETAD:  Tell us about yourself, Name, District/Occupation, Twitter Handle...


SM:  Sandra Menxueiro, Houston ISD/Principal, @menxueiro


ETAD:  What originally drew you to Twitter? Has the reason changed over time?


SM: Learning


ETAD:  What drew you to #EdTechAfterDark, and what keeps you coming back?


SM:  I love the positive vibes, the content of the chat and the GIFS!


ETAD:  As an educator, what are you passionate about?


SM:   Innovation, quality education, finding better ways for students to learn content, age should not be a limitation for learning


ETAD: How has your PLN made you a better educator? (Be as specific as possible)


SM:  They have pushed my thinking and made me do things I would have never thought of. Learning in terms of technology has been exponential through my PLN. My leadership has also improved thanks to the amazing ideas I gathered on chats and on Voxer.


ETAD:  How have you made your PLN better? (celebrate how you have impacted others)


SM:  Educators love seeing their administrators online learning with them. They feel more motivated to participate because I am there.


ETAD:  What do you look for in someone to follow? What constitutes a good tweet?


SM:  We share the same interests, they push my thinking, share resources, are insightful, understand the real struggles of the classroom and are innovative. Great tweets make me reflect on my own practice or motivate me to change.


ETAD:  What's missing from your PLN? What do you need to get to the next level as an educator?


SM:  I want more administrators from my district online! We host a chat on Sundays #HISDAdminChat and we're still having a hard time getting some interested in the conversation. We need more leadership online so that they model these behaviors with their staff.


ETAD:  What projects are you/students working on that you are excited about? (PLEASE BRAG!!)


SM:  Right now I am working with digital credentials. Creating badges for my teachers and it has been amazing. They are like stickers for adults!


ETAD:  In your opinion what's next in education?


SM: More personalization, educators learning with their students, more PBL and PLEASE, less testing! I like checking for understanding and performance assessments but we have to do better than this. We need to create global learners ready to collaborate, create and advocate for this world. And world peace....ha!

 As you can see Sandra is life long learner, and a great leader.  I encourage you to take a moment to follow her and see all the awesome ways she shares best practices from her teacher's classrooms.


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