#PLN Spotlight @KatieJMcNamara


It's our weekly edition of #PLN Spotlight, working each week to display awesome educators across the world who are making a difference in the lives of students, teachers, and all they come in contact with. This week is.... Katie MacNamera

ETAD: Tell us about yourself; name, district/occupation, twitter handle...

KM: Katie McNamara, @KatieJMcNamara, High School Teacher Librarian in Bako, California boymom

ETAD: What originally drew you to Twitter? Has the reason changed over time?

KM: Technology class MADE me create an account.  I was furious. I already saw facebook as a time sponge and didn't need anything else to detract me. A year later and fab class from @jane_librarian I started tweeting. I saw the power of twitter chats, and now I am hooked. Love getting PD in my comfies with my fambam.


ETAD:  What drew you to #EdTechAfterDark, and what keeps you coming back?

KM: I'm sure it was accidental...I was in a chat and got invited to join #EdTechAfterDark. The first one was so amazing! These guys not only know their stuff, are way cool, but also very humble and selfgiving. Gotta love all those qualities. Yes, I now stalk all three. Looking at joining another chat because I found they were involved.


ETAD: As an educator, what are you passionate about?

KM: I'm passionate about discovery. The process is more important than some random letter on a paper.

ETAD: How has your PLN made you a better educator? (Be as specific as possible)

KM: YES!! Why can't I put a GIF here?!?!? I get ideas that I can turn around and use the next day. When I'm stuck, I ask my PLN. Someone always has mercy and helps me. The connections are invaluable.

ETAD: How have you made your PLN better? (celebrate how you have impacted others)

KM: People claim I have helped them. I really hope so. Love the ripple effect of helping one teacher that shares it in her classroom....impacting all those students...then sharing with another teacher...impacting all those students....to infinite and beyond (this would be another great gif. I know you see Buzz Lightyear.)

(We totally see your gif in our hearts Katie! - Zac)

ETAD: What do you look for in someone to follow? What constitutes a good tweet?

KM: They have to make me laugh or think. If they can do both A MAZ ING.

Katiew 1

ETAD: What's missing from your PLN? What do you need to get to the next level as an educator?

KM: The next step would collaborative projects. Not merely getting ideas and sharing results, but creating something together.

(I love this idea!  Sharing a lesson across states then we could look at results to help pinpoint areas of concern and strengths of each other!)

ETAD: What projects are you/students working on that you are excited about? (PLEASE BRAG!!)

KM: Working with PLTW students to transform my library. Library Science students are working on creating activities that connect to books we are highlighting-not all include reading. The focus is to get everyone in the coolest spot on campus-Library Land.

(You have to talk to Dan about this!  I bet he would love to share ideas!)

ETAD:  In your opinion what's next in education?

KM: Classroom without walls including outdoor sanctuaries.

As you can see Katie is a passionate educator and an amazing person!  Her contributions to our #PLN have been both practical and profound.  If you aren't go out and follow/connect with @KatieJMcNamara!!!