#PLN Spotlight @JustinCHolbrook


Each week #EdTechAfterDark is shining the light on another awesome Tweep!  This week we have none other than the moderator of the great #bmoreedchat Mr. Justin Holbrook! Justin is a champion of the bow-tie, and loves to share his affinity for it on twitter! 5hOUEaT9_400x400

EDAT:  Tell us about yourself, Name, District/Occupation, Twitter Handle...

JH: Justin Holbrook, 4th Grade Math & Science Teacher in Baltimore City Schools, @justincholbrook

EDAT: What originally drew you to Twitter? Has the reason changed over time?

JH: The reason I am on twitter is my improve my skills and further impact my students. My addiction to twitter originated from a graduate class I completed regarding professional learning communities. Once I created an account and began to interact with others, I enjoyed learning some new every time I signed on.

EDAT:  What drew you to #EdTechAfterDark, and what keeps you coming back?

JH: Silly answer: Alex's GIFs. Serious answer: The positivity and incredible amount of knowledge each participant brings to every chat.


EDAT:  As an educator, what are you passionate about?

JH: I am passionate about designing classroom environments where students are lead learners. Teachers need to get on the dance floor with students and provide them experiences as guides on the side.

EDAT:  How has your PLN made you a better educator? (Be as specific as possible)

JH: My PLN through #BmoreEdchat and #edtechafterdark constantly inspires me to bring it for my students daily. It is a healthy collaborative competition. Furthermore, I approach situations in my school community with different skills and information I have learned from my PLN.

EDAT:  How have you made your PLN better? (celebrate how you have impacted others)

JH: On Wednesday nights from 9-10 PM EST,, I founded and moderate a chat entitled #BmoreEdchat. Our chat is a place to #Bmore (Baltimore) and recognize the power of positivity in education.

EDAT:  What do you look for in someone to follow? What constitutes a good tweet?

JH: First, I look for a positive outlook. Second, I look for a confidence about what he or she believes in. A good tweet consists of a great image which increases the power of the point.


 EDAT: What's missing from your PLN? What do you need to get to the next level as an educator?
JH: No PLN or educator knows everything. Intelligent people know when to say "I don't know". To get to the next level as an educator, I need to continue my teacher leadership and constantly tweak/evaluate my instructional practices to fit the needs of my students.
 EDAT:  What projects are you/students working on that you are excited about? (PLEASE BRAG!!)
JH:  Currently my students are creating their own sport by combining the Tour de France and a sport of their choice. Students are applying their metric conversion skills and problem solving abilities in order to apply our math concepts.
EDAT: In your opinion what's next in education?
JH: A greater focus on personalized learning in a 21st century classroom.
Justin is a shining example of how the US education system is working!  Go out and make a difference today, be inspired by Mr. Holbrook, and follow him on twitter!
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